Welcome to the Safety 4 Parents and Kids organisation – we have cyber safety advice and resources to help parents and children stay safe on the internet.

Cyber Safety is the term used to discuss the action of protecting children and young people from the negative consequences of using the internet (hence cyber), whether it be cyber bulling, invasion of privacy, sexual abuse, pornography, and violent material.

Parents are unquestionably relevant in the life of their children. They feed, clothe, drive, provide shelter, and teach their sons and daughters. They start up the environment of where their children will be initially exposed to. But with the rise of the modern world – the digital society, do parents still play a relevant role? Are they still needed OR everything is in the hands of the millennials and today’s children?

Prior to the rise of digital devices, children who broke the leg of their toy or doll often go to their parents to have it fixed. Nowadays, when they got trouble online or in their computers, it is not their mom or dad that they are calling. The reason is nearly always the same. “Because they would not understand”. Most of the time parents would just tell their children to turn off the screens, close the notifications and stay away from the online abyss. So, was this practice really helpful? I personally don’t believe so, a quick search for “best parental control software australia” gives you so many results and reviews, it would be ignorant for parents not to look into it since it’s so simple and easy.

With the advent of social media and online networks, it has become important, and even urgent at some point, for the millennials (and the younger children) to be available and seen. They desperately craving time away from the spotlight. So how should the parents manage this? I believe their best approach is to understand the ongoing dilemma among the young generation. Parents should recognize it and speak about it and then millennials might help them to see a way through.

Reducing the amount of time their children spend on screens may be a good advice for the parent as there are other options to improve relationship. Sure, they may go for a drive, play sport together, grab a milkshake, and sit without devices. However, there is a need for the children to see that their parents understand and recognize the challenges. Parents should want to be there when things get difficult.