About Us

It’s not easy to start a difficult conversation around internet safety with your children. As parents ourselves, we understand the awkwardness, tension, and pushback that often comes with it.

We understand that not every teen or millennial would want to hang out with their parents. There are times they prefer to consult their friends or people online for understanding, guidance, and answers. This may be understandable however as a parent, you have to play a role in this too. Parents should grab the chance to let their children know they “get” the struggles, or at least recognize they exist.

Parents should continue to stay connected to the world their children live in and find out the sorts of things millennials and younger kids experience online. Discussing their concerns with using technology and also the concerns of their children is a good way to address issues. Children should feel that their parents are there to guide, support, listen and help them. It’s not bad when parents lecture their children and show how things should be done however, they should know that it could backfire.

There are a lot of ways how parents could still remain connected to the digital world. They are still the main influence on how the millennials and the children today think and act, making them relevant. It is indeed a challenge to get updated of the modern world for the parents. It’s not an easy task to catch up but parents should ensure that they are still the ones their children can fall back on when things don’t go to plan.

Our website aims to help parents and children bridge that “gap” of understanding so they can work together exploring this digital world and using it for good.